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Hello from Cruiser!
Cruiser grinning
Hello everybody! This is Cruiser!

I have been busy. Have you been busy? I was diagnosed with something called Cushing's Disease last year. It sounds scary but it is not so bad. Did you know that people can get Cushing's Disease too? It is true! Fortunately there is medication and it helps me feel a lot better. I do have to go to the vet a lot though. I am a real good boy there. Everyone knows me and likes me and says hello. They all say I am real good!

Here is a picture of me at the vet:
Cruiser is so good at the vet!

I am glad I have my special medicines now because I feel so much better. I used to have to drink a lot and pee a lot and now I feel normal again. Also medicine comes in something called pill pockets which are very tasty! I do not know if you have had them but they are good! Mommy and Daddy say they smell gross but that is silly. They are missing out!

One bad thing about the Cushing's Disease is that my back legs are a lot weaker. I have to get exercise every day and I like going for walks so that is nice, but the vet says I cannot go on real long walks any more. That is too bad because I liked going for long hikes in the park. Momma and Zorro and I would go for miles and miles in the park! There were lots of ponds and streams to visit while we hiked and I had such a good time and sometimes we would play fetch too! Momma says we can still go on shorter walks though and there is a pond nearby that we found last year. Since Zorro has his own pond at the big park I can have this pond! Momma says we can call it Cruiser Pond! I like it there a whole lot. It is good for swimming and for fetching and sometimes I meet other dogs there who are real nice.

It is warming up so I hope we can go to the pond soon! Do you have a pond? I hope you have a nice pond where you live too so you can go swimming! Swimming is the BEST!


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Hello Cruiser, how lovely to see your handsome face again!

Cruiser!! Hello, sweetheart, you have been missed! I'm so glad you are feeling better with your medicine pockets, and that your mommy and daddy have found a special pond just for you. You look very handsome, and I hope you have a wonderful spring :-). xoxoxoxox

Hi Cruiser, this is Maya. I want a pond too! I used to have an ocean and a beach, and now I don't even have a backyard! Can you believe it? My mommy is so mean!

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